Due date for applications is Thursday, 16 March 2023.


Applications to the travel grants for those attending the EMYA2023 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony in Barcelona from 3 to 6 May 2023, are now open. 


Supported by Chargeurs Museum Studio, the programme offers 6 travel bursaries of € 800 each in 2023, that will be awarded to individuals belonging to one of the following categories:


  • Staff of museums nominated for EMYA2023 who would otherwise be unable to attend. See the list of EMYA2023 nominees here.
  • Emerging museum professionals – the next generation of innovators.
  • EMF National Correspondents 


Applicants are expected to send an informal letter of application, in addition to a CV, as an email attachment to Pedro Branco, EMF Administrator, at The letter should be addressed to the Selection Committee and not exceed one printed page, telling us about your motivation for applying and describing what the bursary would mean to you.

The grants are awarded by a Selection Committee that includes representatives of Chargeurs Museum Studio, EMF Board of Trustees and EMYA Jury.

The travel grants are not accountable: it is up to a grantee whether the money is spent for travel, accommodation or participation fee (early-bird registration fee is applied). No financial report is required, however the winners of travel grants are requested to complete a short article (300-500 words) on the event, describing what they got out of attending EMYA, which we can be used on our website.

The winners of the travel grants shall attend, in person, the annual conference and awards ceremony for the whole time of the duration of these events. In the case of a failure to attend the conference, the grant will not be paid by the EMF to the grantee and will be given over to the next person on the list.