Please note that the deadline for submission is Friday 1 April 2022. Your application must reach us by midnight on this date. Late applications will not be considered. 


You can also download the application form in its Microsoft Word format HERE, should you prefer to fill and submit your application (with all required attachements) via email to Pedro Branco EMF Administrator, at emf@europeanforum.museum



The full, formal, legal name. Please note that these details will be published in the official EMYA 2023 Candidates Brochure.
The official translation if different from above
The actual, physical location of the museum. For example: street address, P.O. box, postal code, city, c/o
If different to above
Including international code (+00)
For more information, see FAQ 18
For more information, see FAQ 1
For more information, see FAQ 2
For more information, see FAQ 3
For more information, see FAQ 4
Please summarise the museum's aims and objectives in no more than 150 words
Times of the day, week, and year that the museum is open to the public
Including any reduced fees for visitors. For example: full price, reduced price, group (adults), group (children, seniors, students)
In no more than 150 words
Please describe facilities available to the visitor, including café, shops, toilets, parking, access for the disabled, etc.
For more information, see FAQ 5
For more information, see FAQ 6
If applicable
For more information, see FAQ 7
For more information, see FAQ 8
If applicable
For more information, see FAQ 9
If you have a staff organisational chart (sometimes called an organogram) please attach it to your application and note its attachment here
Including numbers and activities undertaken
For more information, see FAQ 17
For more information, see FAQ 10
For more information, see FAQ 11
If the answer is yes, please tell when.

Please provide a zip file with a maximum of twenty (20) images in JPEG format. These images should be no less than 300 dpi and be at least 1000×1000 pixels in size. The image files must be of a suitable quality for reproduction and projection. For each image, please specify the following: a unique file name, a title, one line description, a photographer and a copyright holder. The images should include at least one exterior view of the museum and general views of the galleries and activities. We do not require images of individual items. Please note that these images will be used by the EMF in a number of ways, including publication of a selection in the annual candidates’ brochure. The images must be of a good quality, free of copyright and available for use in the Annual EMYA publications and on the EMF web site. Any other digital material which you may wish to send to us separately: This could include electronic versions of the Museum’s leaflets, brochures or catalogues and a small selection of relevant press cuttings. If you intend to submit other supporting material via a file-sharing website you should send EMF a notification of the upload (to emf@europeanforum.museum) and also ensure that the files will be available for download for at least one month from the date you upload the files. We would appreciate the upload of complete folders rather than multiple uploads of individual files. A content list of all accompanying material must be sent to us. Please note: All paper and electronic material will be retained in the EMF Archive after the judging has taken place. The archive is located at the Museu de Portimão in Portugal. For more information, see FAQ 12

Please provide a zip file with a maximum of twenty (20) images in JPEG format.
In a separate document of no more than two A4 pages (in English, Word format), please provide a more detailed description of the museum/exhibition. You should focus on what you consider to be the ‘public quality’ of the museum (FAQ 17). Please also include details about the method and source of financing – stating clearly if your organisation is ‘not for profit’ or is a commercial enterprise. You may also tell us about your future plans for the museum.
Additionally, please make a brief summary of the project in no more than about 200 words. If your museum is nominated, this will be used as the basis for the description of your museum on the EMF website and the Candidates Brochure.
If different to Director

The following details will only be used to contact you about your application and will be kept confidential by the EMF. This should be a named person responsible for all communication between the museum and the EMF. Please include his or her job title, telephone number and email details in the spaces provided below.

Including international code (+00)
The candidate is acquainted with the procedures and terms in the Guidelines. Please see How to Apply section of the EMF website.