As societies are increasingly openly conflicted, politicized and polarized, the obligations grow correspondingly for museums to challenge established truths and mainstream positions, to defy power, to insist on accountability, and take transparent and ethical stands - not least pertaining to issues of social justice - that give space for or voice to contested and silenced stories.


The Kenneth Hudson Award for Institutional Courage and Professional Integrity is named in honour of the irreverent and critical perspective of Kenneth Hudson, the founder of EMYA, and is given by the European Museum Forum board to a museum, a group or an individual – not necessarily an EMYA candidate - to celebrate courageous, at times controversial, museum practices that challenge and expand common perceptions of the role and responsibilities of museums in society.

Visual and acoustic voices in four languages at the beginning of the museum’s main exhibition © House of Austrian History 

Museum Architecture © CosmoCaixa


2021: CosmoCaixa
Barcelona, Spain

2020: House of Austrian History
Vienna, Austria

2019: World Museum Vienna
Vienna, Austria

2018: Estonian National Museum
Tartu, Estonia

2017: Museum of the First President of Russia Boris Yeltsin
Yekaterinburg, Russia

2016: Micropia
Amsterdam, Netherlands

2015: International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
Geneva, Switzerland

2014: Zanis Lipke Memorial
Riga, Latvia

2013: Batalha Municipal Community Museum
Batalha, Portugal

2012: Glasnevin Museum
Dublin, Ireland

2011: Museum of Broken Relationships
Zagreb, Croatia

2010: Museum of Contraception and Abortion
Vienna, Austria

Kenneth Hudson