As all areas of the world grow increasingly interdependent and intertwined, and as Europe and the individual nations and regions within Europe grow increasingly diverse, the obligations increase correspondingly for museums to include and welcome all visitors, across class, gender, race, ethnicity, age, education or other differences in background.


Introduced for the first time in 2019, the Portimão Museum Prize for Welcoming, Inclusion and Belonging is sponsored by the Municipality of Portimão and celebrates a friendly atmosphere of inclusion, where all elements of the museum, its physical environment, its human qualities, its displays and public programmes, contribute to making everyone feel they are valued and respected and belong in the museum. 

2022: The University Museum of Bergen – Natural History Bergen, Norway

The University Museum of Bergen – Natural History, the 2022 Winner of the Portimao Museum Prize for Welcoming, Inclusion and Belonging


2021: Gruuthusemuseum
Brugge, Belgium

Gruuthusemuseum © Musea Brugge


2020: MO Museum
Vilnius, Lithuania

MO Museum © MO Museum


2019: Brunel’s SS Great Britain
Bristol, United Kingdom

The museum’s core values are surprise, authenticity, fascination, excellence, and relevance. These are expressed in every aspect of its work, most notably in the quality of welcome provided to visitors by its highly trained and enthusiastic staff and volunteers.