As the quest for democratic involvement and cultural participation increases in society at large, the obligations grow correspondingly for museums to meet the growing needs and expectations of their communities for direct involvement in all aspects of the museum’s planning, development, management and execution of everyday activities and special projects.


The Silletto Prize for Community Participation and Engagement is sponsored by the Silletto Trust and celebrates a deep, continuous and empowering involvement between a museum and its stakeholders, that places the museum as a point of orientation and reference at the centre of its communities, whether these be local, national, global or otherwise defined.

Museum of Footwear Industry, Inca, Spain, 2022 Winner of the Silletto Prize for Community Participation and Engagement 


The Library © Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum 

Front Door of 14 Henrietta Street. Image by Daniel Keane


2022: Museum of Footwear Industry
Inca, Spain

2021: Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum
Bayburt, Turkey

2020: 14 Henrietta Street
Dublin, Ireland

2019: Shipwreck Museum St. George
Thorsminde, Denmark

2018: Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding
Betina, Croatia

2017: Leiria Museum
Leiria, Portugal 

2016: Vukovar City Museum
Vukovar, Croatia - 2016

2015: Familistere at Guise
Guise, France 

2014: Saurer Museum
Arbon, Switzerland 

2013: MAS - Museum aan de Stroom
Antwerp, Belgium 

2012: TOPIC international Puppet Museum
Tolosa, Spain 

2011: Watersnood Museum
Ouwerkerk, Netherlands 

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